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The Apprentice

Have you ever read books, or listened to a video, only to forget the major ideas just a day later? I know I definitely have, and in this video I’ll be going over how I overcame these hurdles using a simple note-taking method, and Obsidian MD.

The first thing I want to mention, is that this is my personalized note taking method that I’ve created and refined over months of use. I have a lot of experience with obsidian, and so I’m comfortable in my ability to gradually improve my system. I’m not saying my note taking method is the best, or the only one, so, feel free to experiment on your own and find what works for you.

That being said, I will be exploring techniques and methods that I believe apply to all notetakers.

Ok, so, to get started, what are smart notes?

Essentially, smart notes are a method of note taking, and knowledge organization that promotes simple, easy to find and easy to create notes, that reference each other

How to take notes while listening to the lecture

The key here is to directly write down as much stuff as you hear as possible, while not thinking about what you’re writing too much.

Note taking time is so that you can get it down a sheet of paper as closely to what’s actually said as possible, so that you can review it the next day, or later.

Don’t focus too much now on understanding what’s being said too much, that’ll just slow down your note taking, and you’ll also naturally develop the skill after doing enough note taking.

If your lecture is online, through zoom or something similar, screenshots are your friend, take as many screenshots as you can of any diagrams, drawings, or other important things on screen that might be more difficult to write down in text format.

As you get more and more familiar with latex, and become a faster typist, your notes will become more fleshed out, natural, and easier to create. All you need to do is practice