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The Apprentice

The obsidian kanban plugin allows you to create visual drag and drop customizable kanban boards:

![[Pasted image 20220606154440.png]]

Features include:

Creating a kanban

In order to create a kanban, simply right click on whatever folder you want to put your kanban board in, and click the “New Kanban board” button that appears

![[Pasted image 20220606154919.png | 500]]

How to use the Kanban board

When you create a new kanban board, you’ll be prompted to add a new list:

![[Pasted image 20220606155100.png | 500]]

A list is the equivalent of a column that you’ll put your notes/tasks in, simply fill in the text field to name your new list.

Once you’ve created your new list, you’ll see something like this:

![[Pasted image 20220606155320.png | 500]]

Simply click the add a card button to get started.